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Artist's Bio

In just under 50 years, I discovered my passion. I had searched and sampled, traveled and trudged , prayed and pleaded, trying to figure out what I wanted to do/be when I grew up.

In Winter of 2010, I discovered an angel's wing buried beneath a heap of scrap metal in Tucson. It was there, just waiting for me. It had been there all along. Spring Angel (bears an old bedspring)was the first in a series to awaken me to my passion. From that day, I have been blessed to see, discover and create angels.

My early beliefs in angels were limited to those associated with church. Angels were Christian, (mostly) female, ephemeral, with delicate wings, flowy white dresses, smiling faces and high -pitched singing voices. They often hovered, played harps, and could be found near ponds with children and other angels. My recent experiences with angels have dramatically changed from my early beliefs. Today, I work with angels of all size, shape, color, texture, personality and gender.

My first quarter century was spent in Texas amongst a talented and creative family. Music, art and education were the backdrop of my breeding, and the canvas upon which my life has been sketched. I am the youngest of 5 children, preceeded by musicians, artists, professors and professionals. My interest in art and design can be traced back to childhood, and found in drawings, paintings and sculpture. Though never formally trained in art, my unique style is evident in my Healing Angels and pop-art furniture.

In 1983, I earned a degree in Communications from The University of Texas at Austin. I packed my bags and spent the next 5 years in Chicago, working on Michigan Avenue. “I’ll never move for a man.” I said, just prior to my cross-country jaunt to marry the love of my life. Michael was an art dealer, and together we collected art and created two masterpieces...our children, Stephanie and Mitchell.

Michael’s untimely death shattered the family, and punctured my spirit. My quest to find my passion coincided with my grief, and ultimately resulted in my first Healing Angel, Miguelagro.

Following neck surgery, I awakened in the night paralyzed in pain. A sudden force and intuition compelled me to get up, get out of bed, and assemble the pieces to create the angel who would relieve the pain. I did. Miguelagro emerged.

Sometimes angels wake me in the night, and nudge me in to my studio. Often they meet me there. And other times we co-exist. Since the arrival of Miguelagro, I have assisted in the delivery of over 100 Healing Angels. Each has his/her own unique name and story. And they all bear my familiar style.

While fervently seeking my life’s passion, I stumbled into a small piece of angel’s wing, which launched the beginning of a spiritual journey whose visual offspring are my signature Healing Angels. My angels are messengers of love and hope. They guard and protect. My angels are symbols of peace and joy. They are healing angels. They are servants to the soul.

My Healing Angels have been shown in local juried Tucson art shows including The Tucson Museum of Art, St. Philip’s Annual Art Show and the SAACA Fall Art Shows. My interview on local TV Show, Kermie and the Angels can be viewed on My angels and I were featured as Guest Artist at the De Grazia Little Gallery from December 30, 2012 to January 11, 2013and again December 14-26, 2014.  

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